Monday, July 18, 2011

Other Caffeinated Blogs

When I began writing this blog, I wanted to offer ideas that, like a great cup of caffeinated coffee (which, in my opinion, is a redundant expression; decaf ain’t coffee), would sometimes energize and sometimes keep one up at night.  I have since discovered several folks whose words and ideas  both energize and keep me awake to the ways in which God is at work in this crazy world.  So, let me introduce you to some I’ve discovered so far…

With a title like “49 and holding…” how can you walk by this one?  I couldn’t.  Deborah Coble Wise is a United Methodist Pastor in Iowa whose blog uses the same pre-fab template as mine.  She recently wrote a love letter to the state of Iowa that made this Iowan in diaspora homesick even for 90 degrees and 90% humidity.  You can find it here.

While we’re in that neck of the woods, another Iowa United Methodist Pastor, Katie Z. Dawson, has a blog with a title I wish I’d thought of (“salvaged faith”).  Her reflection on postmodern holiness is a good read and includes one of the greatest funeral stories I’ve heard.  Here it is.

A common interest in the writings of Leonard Sweet somehow led me to  Howard Carter’s “How in the World!!”  Howard is a Presbyterian pastor in New Zealand whom I’ve never met, but I feel I know well because his writing is so open, honest and inspiring.  I don’t have a single favorite blog post of his…I recommend you browse and enjoy the reflections, the studies, the prayers…  This Kiwi can write and the fruits of his faith and wisdom can be found here.

Years ago, someone offered me the advice that you actually learn more by reading folks with whom you sometime disagree than you can by reading only those who will stroke your current beliefs.  Dan R. Dick, currently the Director of Connectional Ministry in Wisconsin, falls under that category for me.  We share a passion for the church’s renewal, revitalization, reform, and any other “re”-words…  “United Methodeviations” can be found here. 

Allan R. Bevere is an erudite U.M. preacher/teacher/author living in Ohio whose blog is “dedicated to the discussion of the Christian Faith and 21st Century life” and does not fail to deliver.  It’s here.

The blog associated with a ministry I mentioned last week, Darkwood Brew, can be found here.  This blog has various contributors who seem to be able to balance the academic examination of the faith with its practical, real-world applications.

OK, just a few more…  My wife, Leila, who is also Director of Connectional Ministries here in Alaska, shares her glimpses of God at work here.  Here’s one written by a Methodist (not “united”) from the U.K.  My colleague and associate, Jenny Smith, shares her reflections on her first year of ministry here. 

So…my apologies to friends and colleagues whose blogs I didn’t mention, but nevertheless read.  I would cherish hearing about other blogs read by any of you. 

Peace, Jon


  1. thanks for the mention, Jon! am enjoying your blog too!!

    grace and peace from the great state of Iowa - where all of this hot weather makes our corn grow really REALLY tall!


  2. Nice list, Jon. I'm checking out the blogs now.